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Commercial Vans & Lorries Insurance

At Cover Assured we can provide cover for your commercial vehicles, whatever size it may be! Unlike many direct writers who only cater for vehicles up to 3.5 Tonnes.

We have markets for individual vans either in a private or company name, multiple vehicles and various driving restrictions. This may be Insured Only to drive, Named or Any Driver policies.

Whichever policy we arrange for you, please consider the following to obtain the correct usage of the vehicle as this is very important to ascertain the correct cover.

Which type of cover is right for me?

There are four main levels of cover for you to consider - Social, Social and Commuting, Own Goods and Haulage.


If you only plan on using your van for personal trips and not to commute, Social cover could be the best option for you. This cover is perfect if you plan to use your van for leisure activities that require a bit more space such as surfing and fishing.

Social & Commuting

If you will use your van to travel to work as well as for personal day to day trips, you will need Social and Commuting cover. You will be covered for travelling to and from a single place of work.

Own Goods

Tradesmen such as builders, carpenters and plumbers who use their van in connection with their business will need Own Goods cover. This cover will also suit people who need to drive between more than one place of work such as social workers or classroom assistants.

If you use a van to transport tools, stock or merchandise then you may want to look at our Goods and Tools policy upgrade, similar to Goods in Transit insurance. It's a higher level of contents cover which specifically covers the contents of your van. It will help you to recover costs if the van's contents are stolen or damaged.


If you use your van to deliver third party goods you will need Haulage insurance. This is perfect for couriers or furniture removers who earn money by using their van for deliveries of third party goods.

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